Denislava Staneva is a Soprano, a performing artist and a woman devoted to wonders of the modern-day opera as a living art form. She’s both keenly influenced by the classics and enjoys performing them greatly, while at the same time the key features of her work become the inclusiveness of the contemporary sound into her future music projects. 

The depth, warmth and magnetism make her voice magnificent. Her performances are a mix of taste and style, of the contrast between modesty and uplifting emotion. All these qualities, combined with natural beauty make her one of the most charming opera figures today.

Biography highlights

              Denislava Staneva has performed for eight years in the most prominent Bulgarian trios in the opera art – Trio Soprano and is now an individual artist. She has had concerts in Italy, Poland, USA, Romania, Turkey. Denislava has performed on some of the best stages in her home country Bulgaria as well, such as Arena Armeec and Hall 1 NDK in Sofia,  Antique Theater Plovdiv and others. Denislava is the first opera singer to perform a National Bulgarian song with her own unique classical take & opera voice. She has had a series of individual concerts with opera arias by famous composers from the Baroque, Classical and Renessaines epochs dating until XX century. Gluck, Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Chaikovsky, Tchaikovsky, Parashkev Hadjiev are all part of her inspired performances. Denislava lives and breathes the life of the opera.

Awards, Contests & Recognition

♠Third place Laureate, April 2014 and Third place in the XXIV National Contest for Young Instrumentalist and Singers “Svetoslav Obretenov”, Provadia 2014

♠ Ist place in the 11th Academic Review included in the First National Academy Contest “Johan Sebastian Bach”, November 2011 

♠Third place in in the 9th Youth contest for opera singers “The crown of Turnovo city”, November 2013

Formal Education & Opera Experience

♦Debut as one of the Valkyries in the opera “Valkyria” of the theatrology” The Ring of the Nibelung – Vagner, under the conductivity of maestro Ivan Angelov, 2014

♦Specialized in “performing arts – classical singing”, 2012, Plovdiv

♦Master of “Performing arts – classical singing”, 2011

♦Academy for Music, Dance and Art – Plovdiv, “Performing art – classical singing”, 2010

♦Graduates National School of Music and Dance Art “Dobrin Petkov”, Plovdiv: “Classical singing”, 2005

♦Master of “Music therapy” in the Academy of Music, Dance and Art, Plovdiv

Collaborations & Future Projects

Denislava would like to collaborate with composers, musicians, artists and people of other creative professions in the following fields:

♠Creating Music: Contemporary Classics, Epic Music, Music for film ♠Videos  ♠Performances  ♠Recordings  ♠ Commercials & Advertisements  ♠ Affiliate & other collaborations


Soprano Denislava Staneva
Shot by: DimitarJakov